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Stuff I’m Diggin’ – 1

I’m taking a break from the usual format to tell you about stuff I’m currently diggin. It’s that simple. I may not be a Guru, but I’ve got decent taste and am exposed to a lot of cool things living in NYC.  If they’re something you think I should try for any of the categories below, please tell me about it and we’ll see if I dig it!

Delicious: I specifically like the pineapple addition. I can pretend it’s a pina colada if I want to. They have this everywhere I’ve looked for coconut water, from bodega’s to pharmacies.


Witty: The hilarious @barvonblaq on Twitter. One of my favorite actor/comedians. Check him out!

Essential: Atmospheric sprays and unique essential oil blends from I keep “Rainforest Remedy” spray on my desk and burn “Buddha Belly” oil at home. Can order online and it’s blended-to-order.

Minty heaven.

Gorgeous: Magicalized Portraits by my Artist friend Gene-Manuel. He turns people into art. You have to take a closer look.Visit:

Before, meet after. You're welcome.

Helpful: Tried this line of shampoo and conditioners for a month. When I ran out I tried to go back to regular shampoos and conditioners and they literally smelled overwhelmingly of chemicals. Couldn’t do it. Now I’m hooked. I buy these at Rite Aid, so they’re easy to find.

I have a thing for minty scents.

What are YOU diggin’ right now?


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  1. Ooooh, I really want to try the pina colada! On beverages I am now obsessed with this:

    Especially the hibiscus pomegranate one. MMM.

  2. My husband and I, and some of my friends, are digging the CamelBak Better Bottle: Its rubbery straw is so addicting, I’m drinking water all day long:

  3. Jhon Centurri

    Besides which are the BEST aromatherapy blends I have ever made… umm… I mean smelled, I dig Tom’s of Maine Unscented deodorant stick as it is all natural, does not irritate my angelic porcelain skin and is, as they claim, COMPLETELY unscented. It is very effective for hours and hours, as the stench that once was mine is now hidden forever and now I am very popular! “Thanks Tom!”


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