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The Year is Ending, Let’s (Not) Panic!

2011 is coming to an end and the holiday season is in full swing. I have a very “get with it, get into it or get over it” mentality this time of year and I’ve put together a list of things where I plan to do just that…little by little, one day at a time. Pick and choose your favorites and let’s do this. We’re all in this together…

Get With It: 

  • Getting older. I’m in my 30’s, and I’m actually quite relieved about it. People have started to expect me to be smart and thoughtful, rather than snarky and dramatic. This is good for me, because I am smart and thoughtful and I’m glad I’ve reached an age where this is in vogue. Dependable is the new black. I’ve also grown into my fierce eyebrows, finally.
  • Exercise. Don’t groan or sigh at me on this one. I love shaking my ass and I sleep like a baby after sweating in zumba class like underpaid Santa’s sweat in crowded shopping malls. I have to make this a higher priority, or at least place it above “catch up on the DVR” on my to-do list.
  • Sleep. Yep, in my 30’s. My bed is now my baby daddy and I’ll only cheat on him with pillow-top king beds in Mexican resorts. My under-eye dark circles were never a good look, anyway.
  • Eating healthier. This basically means I will try my hardest not to poison myself with fast food or other things that I know actually make me sick, despite what they also do to my waist line.

Get Into It:

  • Organization. I can barely find a pair of matching socks in the morning, let alone the check book once a month for rent. I’m lucky my husband is a moving-talking-live-person, or I’d lose him in this apartment. Oddly, my office space is pristine. I guess that means I like to keep my crazy private, but it’s time for a change.
  • Hobbies. I need more things to do with my free time (when I’m not running around town being famous) other than eating or happy hours. It’s going to be cold for another few months, so I am thinking: reading, more zumba, and possibly baking or some sort of craft that does not involve yarn. Suggestions welcome.
  • Happiness. My smile is way prettier than my frown. Period. End of sentence.

Get Over It: 

  • Holiday pressure. The pressure to: entertain, attend a million parties, bake, clean, visit every family member ever and shop, shop, shop. Just stop. If any of those things make you unhappy or you can’t afford them/don’t have the time this year, choose another option. I am choosing: a few thoughtful gifts that I can afford for my family, donating gifts to toy drives for lil’ ones, paying off debt and paving a less stressful 2012 when it comes to money with my husband and I’m not going to set foot in anyone’s house or any store that I’m not excited about.
  • Attention seeking. I will not make everything about me. I will not create drama. I will gossip less. You can all stop looking at me now. Repeat.
  • #1 Daughter, Wife, Sister & Friend syndrome. My family and friendships are so important to me that I let them stress me out. I want to be there for everyone in every moment and that’s just not possible. I’m a better daughter/wife/sister/friend if I take care of myself first and therefore, require less from the people that love me. I have a big ol’ open heart and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I will also not be ashamed to admit when I need some time to myself.

What are YOU getting with, getting into, or getting over? Please share your thoughts below and share this post with other folks who may be panicking right up until the ball drops. Happiest of Holidays to you!

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  1. This is a good list. I need to concoct one of my own. I’m definitely with you on not forcing yourself to go to that lame social obligation because well…there’s no reason. Oy.

    Hmmmm, what kind of hobby doesn’t involve yarn? What kind of delicious, yet healthy baked goods could you make and then have winter parties to try them out? *stands outside your door waiting for answer and muffin*

  2. Hmmm…send over the maid and the party’s at my place. Cinnamon eggnog muffins, anyone? 😉

  3. Love the accompanying image ~ where did you find it? Thanks for letting us see you as if through an X-ray machine. Your writing is so personal and funny, I can really relate. Bear hugs for a warm hibernation!

  4. Thank you MommyTheorist! That is a helluva compliment, especially coming from you. Bear hugs right back atcha!

  5. Leading by example, stating these in an open forum, lofty/yet achievable for those of us who shoot for the lofts! Well done, Non Guru Lady. Your year is going to tie itself up so nicely and lay out an awesome welcome mat for 2012. Jai Ho!

  6. Why come up with my own list when you’ve basically read my mind, organized my thoughts into charming and funny quotables, and put it right here for me in black and white?? Wonderful list, Darlene! Thank you! I am sure you will have loads of success in persuing all of these very important goals.

  7. You put it nicely. We should all print and put up on our frig so we can refer to it during the year.

  8. This is great advice and I can see already that when you get into your 40’s you REALLY won’t care about all these crazy stressful things! You’re right about regular exercise too, and as you get older it will become more and more of a requirement to even be able to walk. You and your husband can do it together, (if you can find him). LOVE YOUR BLOG! xoxo

  9. You’ve inspired me to put my own list together. I love it when you inspire me like that. It’s one reason I keep you around. Check it out: Love ya and can’t wait to see ya. Missy

  10. Darling one, you make an Auntie proud. I’m DROWNING this year and today I really needed your wise and uplifting words. Make it so, sweet one!

  11. I thought for sure I already commented on this but what happened? What did I say?

    I think you should get into painting. I want to get into painting. Let’s have a paint party.


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