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8 Things That Are Just Fine With Me

I am giving myself permission to live the life I want to live. Take a look at my list of things that are just fine in my not-a-guru humble opinion, and feel free to add to it in the comments below.

1 – It’s just fine if you don’t leave the house or even get dressed on your day off. Order chicken tikka masala for dinner and watch The Amanda’s on the Style Network. (Ya know, or something like that…*clears throat*) It’s just fine that you won’t see or talk to anyone… except maybe baby-speak to your cat.

2 – It’s just fine if you send everyone to voicemail on your cell phone. You’re awkward on the phone. You never know how to hang up. You get butterflies in your stomach and pace back and forth in your apartment the whole time you’re on a call. It’s just fine. Don’t do this for obvious emergencies, your boss, or when your Grandfather calls though, those are rare and important occasions where it might not be fine.

3 – It’s just fine to be selfish if you admit it and learn from it. “I’m not hanging out with you because I’m all about myself right now. I will be a better person when this phase is over.” Deal. Fine with me! Text me when you’re coming back to brunch.

4 – It’s just fine not to commit to things that make you feel nervous or unhappy. You hate horror movies but everyone is going Friday night? You hate doing shots but the bartender gave you two free ones? Everyone is taking their kid to the new Mommy & Me Bikram class and you’d rather shave your head? Just say no, it’s fine. There is only so much time in life and you don’t have to spend it doing things you don’t like.

5 – It’s just fine to try new things and fail after telling everyone all about them. I’M GOING TO PAINT MURALS! I’M TAKING UP FLAMENCO DANCING! I’M MAKING MY OWN TOOTHPASTE NOW! Whatever it is, try it and share it with your groupies. It’s OK to be excited about something even if it doesn’t work out. If anyone gives you a hard time about it, first, question whether or not they’re truly a good friend, and second, remind them that you try new things and that makes you an adventurous person. “Top that!” – Teen Witch, 1989

6 – It’s just fine to care a lot about your money and be thrifty and careful with it. I’m a little bit cheap too, I admit that. However, I’m currently really proud of myself for getting close to paying off some long-standing large debts, little by little. I think it’s just fine if I check my bank accounts constantly to remind myself of my progress. Go me!

7 – It’s just fine if you are sometimes not the…uh…nicest person. Snarky Facebook comment? Bitchy comment to your unsuspecting partner/soul mate/one-night-stand over morning coffee? It happens. Just apologize and move on.  Pretending you weren’t mean or rude is…well, not as fine.

8 – It’s just fine if you grow up and realize you have some forgiving to do. Either for yourself, your family or friends and people in your past. You can do it. It’s never too late to let go of the thoughts and memories that no longer serve you on your path to awesome. “Relax, relate, release!” – A Different World

Now tell me, what is just fine according to YOU? Comment below!


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  1. This is an awesome list. I think I might try writing my own Just Fine list, because lately I’ve been indulging in some catastrophic thinking–especially about money and the long term future.

    I would add, in the spirit of Eckhart Tolle, NOW is just fine. It’s fine enough that I’m alive and breathing. Oh wait. See? I’d stopped breathing there for a long minute. It’s just fine if you’re hungry. You’ll survive another 25 minutes it takes to make a salad versus chomp that Pop Tart. Finally, it’s fine if you’re crying. Humans cry and you’re human. Here’s a tissue. It may be a little volcanic right now but, as the saying goes, if everyone threw their problems in a heap I’d take mine right back!
    Thanks again for this uplifting post.

  2. I agree Michelle. Everyone should make a “just fine” list…I also agree about the crying! I have always defended my tears. I actually think about what I’m okay with a lot…especially as I get older, learn more, work more, and my relationships change. One thing in life that it has taken me a LONG time to be okay with is that “There is no perfect”. To strive to be your best self and to be perfect are two very different things. I’m okay with making mistakes over and over again if it means I’m striving to be my best self. It takes a load off of my back knowing there is no such thing as perfect- I don’t have to compare with my amazing friends, I don’t have to be better than other teachers or writers, I just have to be me.

    Good post, Darlene.

  3. Ummm champagne and pineapple juice??? I die.

  4. 2 and 4. Me and me.

  5. I have always believed that it is fine to do what ever makes you happy as long as what makes you happy is not hurting anyother human being. So go ahead a be yourself but remember, respect all that share this planet with you.

  6. Well done my friend. I would like to add another one…let’s call this number 9.

    9. It’s just fine to not want to spend your only free time this week with your best friend who is in need of another “girl talk.” You are always there for others, what have you done for YOURSELF lately? She and her problems aren’t going anywhere but if you continue to ignore your needs, you’ll resent yourself and her later. Today it’s fine to be alone, tomorrow I’ll bring my shoulder for you to cry on again.


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