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Stuff I’m Diggin’ – 1

I’m taking a break from the usual format to tell you about stuff I’m currently diggin. It’s that simple. I may not be a Guru, but I’ve got decent taste and am exposed to a lot of cool things living in NYC.  If they’re something you think I should try for any of the categories below, please tell me about it and we’ll see if I dig it!

Delicious: I specifically like the pineapple addition. I can pretend it’s a pina colada if I want to. They have this everywhere I’ve looked for coconut water, from bodega’s to pharmacies.


Witty: The hilarious @barvonblaq on Twitter. One of my favorite actor/comedians. Check him out!

Essential: Atmospheric sprays and unique essential oil blends from I keep “Rainforest Remedy” spray on my desk and burn “Buddha Belly” oil at home. Can order online and it’s blended-to-order.

Minty heaven.

Gorgeous: Magicalized Portraits by my Artist friend Gene-Manuel. He turns people into art. You have to take a closer look.Visit:

Before, meet after. You're welcome.

Helpful: Tried this line of shampoo and conditioners for a month. When I ran out I tried to go back to regular shampoos and conditioners and they literally smelled overwhelmingly of chemicals. Couldn’t do it. Now I’m hooked. I buy these at Rite Aid, so they’re easy to find.

I have a thing for minty scents.

What are YOU diggin’ right now?

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